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Staying creative and innovative 8 hours a day is nearly impossible, especially if you don’t have a set of tools that can give you an inspiration-boost if the need arises. Below, you can find my personal collection of inspiring resources which I often use for designing posters, infographics, internal newsletters or any other creative materials. Millions of free-to-use resources just a click away!

Stock photos ?

Here are some great collections of 100% free stock photos – most of which can be used without any kind of attribution, even for business purposes. The following sites offer thousands and thousands of great pictures grouped by topics & easily searchable by keywords – I’m sure you’ll find the perfect illustration for any kind of material you’re currently working on.

Pexels | PixaBay | Kaboompics | StockSnap | Unsplash | Burst | Gratisography

Stock videos ?

Few people know that besides stock photos, stock videos exist as well: short, professionally shot video footage that can make your videos more colourful. Again, in most cases, these are 100% free to use, without attribution.

Pexels Videos | Pixabay | Mazwai | Videezy | Videvo | Coverr

Textures and patterns ⚜️

Looking for a great background texture, or a stylish pattern to spice up your graphic design? Look no further – the following sites offer a huge variety of textures and patterns, waiting to be used for your next project.

The Pattern Library Subtle Patterns | Freebies Gallery | Wild Textures


Believe it or not, colours play a key role in defining your messages and graphic designs. Choosing a colour palette consciously can boost your project’s attractiveness hugely; the below sites can give you advice on how to actually achieve this, and which colors might suit your work the best.

Adobe Color CC | Design Seeds | Colourlovers | Coolors

Typography ?

Using default fonts might be the easiest – and as we learned, most popular – solution, but sometimes it’s worth experimenting with different typography styles, building on the creative variety of the thousands of fonts available on the Internet. Minimalist, shocking, inspiring, elegant and other special fonts here:

DaFont | Google Fonts | Font Squirrel | Abstract Fonts

Creative design – not only for graphic designers ?️

So you finally have some great resources – where to next? The good news is that nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to be a Photoshop- or Illustrator-expert, or a perfect drawer to create stunning visuals; again, you just have to know your toolset.

These sites can be used free of charge, offering thousands of pre-built templates and other elements (icons, graphs, pictures) with an easy drag & drop editor to help creative people quickly draft and finalize materials. If you like any of these, you can subscribe to access additional functions such as one-click “magic resize” or animated templates (GIFs).

Canva | DesignBold | Stencil | Piktochart | Illustrio | DesignWizard

I personally prefer Canva out of these; even though I have all Adobe software installed, often it’s much more convenient to make some quick edits in Canva instead of working in Photoshop.

This would be my toolset – do you have any additional links or “secret weapons” you’d like to share? Let’s build Komm365’s creative library together! 🙂

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