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In one of my previous articles I’ve mentioned that UK has launched its first Internal Communication Management masters – however, as of now, only a few internal comm specialists can tell that they’ve learned this profession in a classic academic environment. Most professionals come from the field of HR, marketing, PR or journalism, and in these cases, self-development is a key competence: dedicating time and energy to keep yourself up to date with current trends, tools and opportunities is inevitable to be a leading expert in internal communications.

In my new series of articles, I’d like to share some of the blogs, podcasts, books and events that give me inspiration & help me grow every day – first, I’d like to focus on the internal communication blogs out of these.

All Things IC is the blog of Rachel Miller, one of the most significant players in the internal communications field who has worked with renowned clients such as LEGO, BBC, Coca-Cola, Land Rover or Royal Mail in the past. Her experiences and valuable insights are detailed through more than 1200 articles as of now, and her easily relatable style is often paired with exciting guest bloggers & topics as well.

Even though she’s one of the most popular names in the IC profession, she’s still a very humble, open-minded author with a very positive attitude (or at least that’s what I feel based on her blog posts). If there’s only one blog that you check from this list, this should be it.

kommunikációs blogok - Alive with Ideas

A creative agency who favours visual solutions and infographics over long walls of text, and that’s perfectly reflected in their blog – that’s Alive with Ideas. With their well-established style and interesting key topics (such as the recent #LoveYourLineManagers campaign), Alive’s blog is a great read during commuting to work or your morning coffee, equipping yourself with some bits and pieces of inspiration for the long day ahead.

kommunikációs blogok - H&H

Another internal communications agency from the United Kingdoms, but this one’s a bit different – according to their statement, we’re talking about the leading IC agency in the country. What’s remarkable about H&H is the huge variety of topics and the constant high level of professionalism that’s all around their articles. Leadership involvement? Employee surveys? Change management? I’m sure you’ll find multiple exciting posts in each topic, made complete with personal experiences and thoughts.

kommunikációs blogok - Ragan

Ragan played a key role in developing the field of communication since 1970, mainly focusing on PR, but also publishing several pieces of research and white papers about corporate communication as well. One thing to highlight here is the concise, brief style how they write their articles: you can immediately identify actions and next steps while reading their posts, and start planning how to implement these into your strategy.

kommunikációs blogok - IC Kollectif

IC Kollectif is the site of a non-profit organization working on uniting and coordinating the internal comms profession on a global scale. Even though their blog also contains some really exciting stuff to read, the main focus here should be on their reports and longer publications that are free to download. These materials offer hundreds of pages about the added value of internal communications – basicly, IC Kollectif offers a free library of books for practicioners.

kommunikációs blogok - Elements of IC

Elements of IC is the periodic table of internal communications: a creative knowledge base of every IC-related topic, structured in an easy to understand way. Be prepared for a massive amount of topics and content, but have no fear – no chemistry knowledge is required to deep-dive into this periodic table (which is a work of the previously mentioned Alive agency).

In terms of content, Helen Deverell’s blog is very similar to the previous elements of this list, however, her practical and human approach to internal comms topics really does make a difference. Reading her blog is like having a coffee with a long-time friend – inspiring, immediate and comprehensible.

kommunikációs blogok - BananaTag

BananaTag offers a solution-centered approach to internal communication questions with tools, methods, approaches that can be instantly applied to your own everydays. Although BananaTag’s key product is a subscription-based newsletter editing software, they provide an incredible number of free alternatives to their solution (like the ones in this article) – that’s why BananaTag deserves a place in your bookmark collection.

Keep your eyes open as more and more exciting #internalcomms blogs are appearing online. Do you have any favourites that you’re missing from the list? Drop us a comment below!

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